How it was Written

The idea for Nemesis came from part of an exercise for a Creative writing course for Open University.  Neil then wrote the introduction, almost as it appears in the book, whilst Bec was in the bath.

After he read the intro to her, she got out of the bath and they started bouncing ideas back and forth long into the night.

The dog did not get his nightly walk until the sun was almost up.

After the story was written and submitted, questions came up like:

  • What happens on this journey to the afterlife?
  • Does this mean Death knows who committed every murder?
  • Does Death get intrigued by the sensational stories of life, like we do?

The more Death formed as a character the more the pair of them wrote about him.  Little stories would appear in notepads, on post it’s and in emails that were in no way written when Bec should have been working.

The perspective given by a character that has been everywhere and seen everything would be hard to write but after a lot of tea they felt up to the challenge.

Nemesis herself got introduced when a discussion about punishing those who cheat on their partners got a little heated. There may have been a little stomping… from both Bec and Neil.

The dog got a long walk that night.

Neil took a first run at the story during NaNoWriMo 2011, and then they both pulled it apart and started the inevitable rewrites.  After about six months Neil entered the book into the Legend Press/Luke Bitmead Bursary  for new writers.  When he announced to Bec that they had been short listed for the award there may have been some screaming.  The neighbours may have been a little alarmed.

They did not win but the feedback they got from the judges gave them new enthusiasm and they started to really work at fine-tuning the book.

It then got it’s first outside edit from Foolproof Bespoke Proofreading whilst the authors planned a wedding and stressed out… a lot.

In the first months of marriage the book was completely ignored, and it wasn’t until early 2014 that it was dragged out of it’s folder and reread. Many ideas were sparked and yet another rewrite occurred.  A family member, Dee Bennion, then offered to edit this version and the rest of the year was spent planning it’s release.

On January 1st 2015 Bec pushed the button on Blurb to publish and Nemesis was pushed out into the world to rapturous applause.  Well, the dog barked a couple of times… because he really needed a walk.

Over the following weeks versions appeared on Amazon, Google Play Books, and Kobo.

Further versions should be out soon.

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Nemesis out now!