The Authors

Bec is originally from a small village near Guildford, Surrey called Shamley Green, and N J (Neil John) hales from Eastleigh, Hampshire.

Bec was transplanted Oop North by her parents in 1987, she still sounds like she lives south of the Watford Gap.  She went to school for a while and then, after a gap year, went to Manchester Metropolitan University to study Creative Writing at the Alsager Campus.  She left uni in 2000 having created a lot of debt and melodrama, and decided that maybe working for a living was going to be better.

Neil also went to school for a while, only becoming serious about it when he realised it was the only way to become independent. He moved to Preston, Lancashire in 1999 when he started doing a  degree at the University of Central Lancashire.

Bec sold insurance, did payroll, did admin, trained people, became a spreadsheet guru, met some seriously awesome people, and wrote a bit in her spare time.  She also learned that sharing a house with people you are not in love with is a mistake.

While trying to avoid going home a friend suggested coming round for a glass, or two, of wine.  It was then that she met Neil.

For five years they developed a close friendship over a mutual love of writing, and D&D.

Then there was cherryade and vodka.

Shortly after there was the moving into Neil’s tiny flat with him and his furry monster (Jack, a dog – get your mind out of the gutter).  Less than a year later there was a proposal, an organising of a wedding, a wedding, a honeymoon in Mexico, and moving into a house with a garden where Neil is learning the fine art of burning food on a barbecue.

Neil and Bec have supported each other through a few medical crises (Neil suffers from Marfan Syndrome and Bec has Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension ) including a three month hospital stay, and they genuinely believe they are strong enough to cope with anything.  Hell, if they can survive writing a book together they can survive all that life can throw at them!

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